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Cambodia Business Association

Main Office

Our Portfolio of Main Services

1-  Import & Export products        2- Restaurants & Food

3-  Banks                                     4- Consulting Services

5- Traveling & Tour                     6- IT section

7- Real Estate                             8- Transportation

9- Automotive                             10- Handicraft

11- Insurance                              12- Construction & Decoration shop

Business Listings & Advertisement Package

1. GOLD PACKAGE   2,000 USD              2. PLATINUM  1,500 USD 

3. SILVER                  1,000 USD              3. ENTERPRISE 800 USD



An Sophaphin, Master from AIT, Thailand
Founder and Project Director

•Long experiences in various types of businesses, both Offline and Online
•IT Group (BOKOR TECHNOLOGY): Main areas of strength are online advertising, search engine marketing, website navigation interface and uplifting the bottom line by making business processes more efficient.
•Business Consulting Group (MBA from AIT and Law Firm): Experiencing in promoting local branding and in particularly provide trade and investment consulting in Cambodia.
•The rest of the Business Directory and E-book team are passionate about helping our users and the team is expanding briskly to accommodate our growing user base.

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Efficient & Profitable
Business model

1. 100% Device Friendly, Smoothly & Efficiency

2. Reach your audience everywhere

3. We created highly polished iPhone & Android app for helping our value members and partners reach more number of prospective customers.


E-BOOK 2017

of your competitors which is rewarding for your business.

We provide the most profitable option for our organization grow on the national &international level.

Our key focus is complete customer gratification.
Focusing on our partners to maintain reoccurring business.

About the CBA's E-BOOK

Cambodia Business Association Business Association’s Business Directory and the Premier Online Directory Book  are to intend to become the most accurate, valid & usable local business searching business names.
The Business directory and online directory book describe their client company’s activities precisely.
The Business listings is making contact information readily available to the widest possible B2B & B2C markets
The information is collected at the source and updated regularly All Year long.

Mission & Vision

It is the purpose of Business Directory to provide relevant & precise business information to new and present residents of local area; local business development strives to be the Local book’s connection to local business development strategies and support. A cost effective way of communicating and understanding with area business is the business directory.

Our aim is to turn business directory into the market place and community that connects business owners to one another while also connecting customers to businesses.

Business Listing/ Advertisements/ Offers / Events

1- Register business details   2- Information is then categorized under the chosen Classification(s)  3- Business Directory  4- Found on the worldwide web.

How we help you

Helping your prospective find businesses, products and services easily by searching business names, category, names.

Cambodia Business Association Business Directory incorporates Indian business listings making contact information readily available to the widest possible B2B & B2C markets.

Why The CBA’s Business Directory & Premier Online Directory Book
1. First Mover Advantage in the Cambodian  Local Search Market
2. Strong Brand Recognition
3. Attractive Value Proposition For Local SMEs
4. Experience and Expertise in Cambodian Markets
5. Advanced and capable Technology Platform
6. An Efficient and Profitable Business Model

Want to be More Local…?

Then Advertise!

We understand that there's more to online advertising than just having a listing on a website! Reach out your wonderful local and international community through our E-Book online business directory that is loved by visitors and clients alike.

Our online business listing marketing is very simple, real, and a cost-efficient way to place your company in front of visitors full of potential buyers inside a classification relevant to your business.

Unlike other online directories, a E-book editor reviews every submitted business listing for accuracy, relevance, and placement

Advertisement benefits:

Buyers rely on our Business Directory and online E-book Directory to discover, compare, and purchase your products and services.

1- Direct response from potential customers 2- 24/7/365 Providing round-the-clock visibility 3- Reaching your local and international market 4- Qualified leads 5- High return on investment 6- Completes your Branding Circle